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Change wallpaper - moto e5 play

How can I change the wallpaper on the moto e5 play?

Your device allows you to use your own photos, select an on-device wallpaper, or choose one from an online category. You can also set a category to show a new wallpaper every day.

  1. Open the Wallpapers app.

    Or, touch & hold a blank area on your home screen, then touch WALLPAPERS.
  2. Do one of the following:
    • To set a single wallpaper, select a photo or wallpaper.
    • To see a new wallpaper each day, open a category and touch Daily wallpaper > Continue.
  3. Touch Set wallpaper.

Skip a daily wallpaper

  1. Open the Wallpapers app.
  2. On your current daily wallpaper image, touch Image.

Tip: If your battery is low, temporarily change animated wallpaper to a static image to save power.

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