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Calling - moto e5 play

How do I make and answer calls?

When you receive a phone call, the Incoming call screen shows the caller ID. If you miss a call, you'll see  in the status bar.
To answer an incoming call:
  • On the Incoming call screen, touch Answer.
  • On the lock screen, swipe  up to answer a voice call, or swipe the caller's icon/picture up to answer a video call.
During a call, you can use the keypad to enter numbers or codes, use speakerphone or a paired Bluetooth device, and add other people to the call.
Dismiss incoming call

If you don’t want to talk to the caller, you can:
  • Divert the call to voicemail. On the Incoming call screen, touch Dismiss. Or, on the lock screen, press the Power button. You can also automatically divert all calls from a specified number to voicemail.
  • Respond with a text message. On the lock screen, swipe  up. You can customize these default messages.

To make a call
  1. Touch .
  2. Touch  and enter a number.
  3. If you enter a wrong number, touch .
  4. Touch  to call the number.
  5. To hang up, touch .

Other ways to make calls

You can place calls from:
  • The  Phone app
  • The  Contacts app
  • Other apps that show contact information. Wherever you see a phone number, you can usually touch it to dial.
In the Phone app, you can place calls in several ways.
Dial a number Touch , enter a number and touch . If you enter a wrong number, touch .
Dial by voice
Touch  and say a name or number. (If you don't see , swipe down to close the dialer.)
Or, skip the Phone app entirely and say a voice command.
Call by name 
Start typing the name in the  search box. You'll see a list of matches. Just touch one to call. (If you don't see , swipe down to close the dialer.)
Or, to see your contact list, touch . Swipe through and touch the person to call.
Call a favorite Touch the  tab.
Return call Touch , then touch  next to the number.
Adjust sound during call

While listening, you can:
  • Adjust the volume. Use the Volume button on the side of the phone.
  • Use speaker. Touch .
  • Use a paired Bluetooth device. Touch  to use or stop using the device.
  • Mute your microphone. Touch . You can hear the caller but they can’t hear you.

Enter a number during a call

Touch  on the call screen to use the numeric keypad.
Make conference calls
  1. Call the first person.
  2. To call the next person:
    1. Touch .
      This puts the first call on hold.
    2. Enter the number.
    3. Touch .
  3. To join the calls after the second person answers, touch .

Call waiting

When you’re on a call and a new call comes in, the new call is sent to voicemail. If you want to be notified of new calls instead, turn on call waiting.
Note: Some carriers automatically control call waiting. If you do not see this option on your phone, contact your carrier for more information.
  1. Touch .
  2. Touch  > Settings
  3. Touch Calls
  4. Touch Additional settings, then check Call waiting
When call waiting is on, if you're on a call and a new call comes in, you can answer it. The first call is put on hold. Touch  to merge the two calls.
Delete call history
To delete one call:
  1. Touch
  2. Touch
  3. Touch the number
  4. Touch  Call details
  5. Touch  at the top of the screen
To delete all calls:
  1. Touch
  2. Touch  > Call history
  3. Touch  > Clear call history

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