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Moto Key - moto g6 play

What is Moto Key?

Moto Key is the latest feature to be addded to the Moto App

Use Moto Key to effortlessly and securely store all of your login information for apps, websites, and Windows Devices!

Simply login using your fingerprint, and never have to worry about forgetting another password.


Add your favorite apps and webistes.

To Get Started, open the Moto app and Select Moto Key from the features tab.

Select Logins and the app of your choice. If you do not see the app you want, touch + to add it.

If you still do not see the app, this indicates it does not support Moto Key at this time.

If you want to add a website login instead, touch "Open in Chrome".

Now when you need to sign in, simply touch the fingerprint sensor when prompted. It's that easy!

Note: You will need to sign out of the application or website and forget the account. Then, log back in and when prompted select Save password with Moto Key.


Add your Windows Laptop or Tablet.

To Get Started, open the Moto app and Select Moto Key from the features tab.

Select Devices and touch +. Follow the on screen instructions for set up.

Note: You will need to visit www.motorola.com/moto-key from your Windows device to install Moto Key Software and complete setup.

Moto Key works as an autofill service that can save passwords only for apps that support the “Autofill Framework” which was introduced in Android 8 (Oreo). Chrome currently does not support the Autofill Framework, due to this, autofill services such as Moto Key cannot save passwords for accounts accessed with Chrome.

NOTE: If you would like more information in regards to “Autofill Framework”

Please visit : https://developer.android.com/guide/topics/text/autofill.html

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