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Pairing your headset

How do I connect/pair my headset with my phone?

Your phone’s Bluetooth feature is off by default. To use your headset, you must turn on the Bluetooth feature in your phone. Please check your phone’s user’s guide.

Note: The Bluetooth feature remains on until you turn the feature off.

Before you can use your headset, you must pair (link) it with your phone.


  1. Ensure headset is in pairing mode

    Open the headset boom to power on the headset and initiate pairing. After a few moments, the indicator light will be steadily lit in blue to indicate headset is in pairing mode.
  2. Set your phone to look for your headset
    1. Perform a device discovery from the phone. For details about device discovery, consult your phone’s user’s guide. The phone lists Bluetooth devices it finds.
    2. Select Motorola H710 in the list of discovered devices and confirm by following the on-screen prompts.
    3. When prompted by the phone, enter the passkey 0000 and confirm.Pairing is successful when the headset indicator flashes purple and blue.

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