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Alexa Hands-Free - moto x4

Using Alexa Hands-Free on the moto x4

What is Alexa Hands-Free?

Customers who own the moto x4 are getting an update to their Alexa Hands-Free experience, which will give them access to new Alexa features like Alexa Communication and navigation. After updating to Android 9.0 (Pie) , the new experience requires you to install and setup the Amazon Alexa app.

Alexa Hands-Free allows you to ask Alexa for the weather, music and more from any screen of your phone-using just your voice.

The previous Alexa Hands-Free experience will not work on Android 9.0 (Pie). Customers who were previously using Alexa Hands-Free on Android 8 (Oreo) will have to setup the new Alexa Hands-Free experience on Android 9.0 (Pie).

Follow the steps below to set up the new Alexa Hands-Free experience:

  1. Connect the moto x4 to a Wi-fi network.
    • Update the moto x4 software to Android 9.0 (Pie): Go to Settings > SystemAdvanced > System updates
  2. Update the Moto Voice for Alexa app.

    • Go to Play Store > Image > My apps & games > Moto Voice for AlexaUpdate
  3. Install or update the Amazon Alexa app.

    • Go to Play Store > Image> My apps & games > Amazon AlexaInstall or Update
  4. Complete Alexa Hands-Free set up

    • Go to Settings > Choose 'Alexa' > Toggle Hands-Free 'On' > Complete the on-screen setup steps

Can I use Alexa Hands-Free while the phone is locked?

Alexa will respond when the phone is locked as long as the Show on Lock Screen setting is toggled On.

To turn on the Respond on lock screen setting, open the phone's settings > Choose Alexa > Toggle Show on Lock Screen 'On'.

Can I change the wake word to something other than 'Alexa'?

You can only use the wake word 'Alexa'. There is not an option to change the wake word.

I am getting inaccurate locations results for requests to Alexa. What should I do?

To get accurate location results for Alexa responses follow these steps:

  • Go to Settings > Apps & notifications > App permissions > Location > Toggle On the location permission for the Amazon Alexa app

How can I turn off Alexa Hands-Free?

To turn Alexa Hands-Free 'Off' or back 'On' after initial setup, you can

  1. Open the Quick Settings menu at the top of the phone (swipe down from the top of your screen) and tap the Alexa icon to turn Hands-Free 'Off' and 'On',
  2. Navigate to the phone's settings, tap on 'Alexa', then click the Hands-Free toggle to turn the feature 'Off' and 'On'.

Can I use Alexa Hands-Free through headphones with a microphone?

When you use headphones that are not Alexa-enabled, you will have to make Alexa requests using your device's microphone, however you will hear Alexa's response in your headphones.

Can I use Alexa Hands-Free for messaging and phone calls?

You can use Alexa Communication in the Alexa app to send messages to your friends and family that have Echo devices or the Alexa app.

Click here for help setting up Alexa Communication.

Is the Alexa functionality of my phone the same as any of the echo devices I own or is it limited?

The Amazon Alexa app is always getting smarter with updates for new features, services, and skills.

Click here for information on supported features.  

Do I need to have a SIM in my Moto X4 for Alexa Hands-Free to work?

Customers in Germany and the United Kingdom may need to insert a SIM to be able to access the Moto Voice for Alexa app.

What settings are available for Alexa Hands-Free?

  • The 'Hands-Free' setting turns the feature 'Off' and back 'On'. If you have not yet setup, it will put you into the set up flow.
  • The 'Respond on Lock Screen' setting allows you to get Alexa responses on your lock screen even when your phone is locked.

Have another question about Alexa?

You can contact Amazon directly via the instructions below.

  1. Go to https://www.amazon.com/contact-us
  2. Sign in to Amazon account (if not already signed in)
  3. Click on Digital content and services tab
  4. Under tell us more about your issue select Alexa voice services > General question about Alexa voice services > Other questions
  5. Select contact medium - call or chat
  6. Click on phone and enter your number
  7. Click 'call me now' to receive call from customer service


  • Alexa Hands-Free is only available on certain moto x4 phones . It is not available on the Android One version of the moto x4.
  • The Android 9.0 (Pie) upgrade and new Alexa Hands-Free experience are coming soon for Prime Exclusive Phones customers.

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