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Using the camera - moto z2 force

How do I use the camera?

To Open the camera:

  • Touch Image
  • Twist your phone twice from any screen to open the camera immediately.
  • Touch  Image > Camera.
  • From the lock screen, swipe Image left.

Take a photo

1.  Open the Camera

2.  Frame your subject:

  • To switch between front-facing and back-facing cameras, touch Image .
  • To zoom, pinch in or out.
  • To change the focus location, drag the focus ring.
  • To change the exposure, slide the control on the focus ring to lighten or darken the shot.


3.  Touch Image to take a photo.


  • To shoot continuously, touch & hold Image; your captures are counted on the shutter.
  • To touch anywhere on the screen instead of using Image, swipe right to open settings and turn on Shutter type > Tap anywhere to capture.
  • If the photo looks blurry, wipe the lens clean with a soft, dry cloth and retake the photo.

4.  Swipe left to review your photos and videos:

  • To view all thumbnails, touch the screen, then touch Image to open the Photos app.
  • To view photos and videos later, touch Image > Photos.
  • You can also view photos using other photo apps you installed.

Take a selfie

  1. On the viewfinder, touch Image to switch to the front camera. Or, twist your phone twice.
  2. If needed, adjust the beauty filter.
  3. To take the photo, do one of the following:
    • Touch Image.
    • Touch Image for a timer.

If you've got a large group, take a panoramic selife.

Take panoramic photos

The camera includes a Panorama mode that lets you create a single image by panning across a scene.

To take a panoramic photo:

  1. Swipe the viewfinder right to see settings.
  2. Touch Image > Image to turn on Panorama mode.
  3. Frame one side of the scene for your panorama.
  4. Touch the screen anywhere and, when prompted, slowly start panning across the scene. Keep your motion smooth and use a steady speed.
  5. When you reach the end of your scene, touch Image.

Take black & white photos

  1. On the viewfinder, touch Image > True B&W.
  2. If needed, adjust settings such as photo size or to use a timer.
  3. Frame your photo, then touch Image.

Take depth enabled photos

You can take photos that contain extra data, allowing you to swap out a background, add a splash of color, or change focus.

  1. On the viewfinder, touch Image > Depth enabled.
  2. Be sure you're within 2 meters (6 feet) of your subject. It's best if nothing is in the way and the subject stands out.
  3. Frame your photo, then touch Image.

Image indicates you can edit these photos to change the color, background, or focus.


Adjust basic settings

You'll see these frequently-used settings when you open the Camera:

Image   HDR mode for high contrast

Image     Flash

Image     Timer

Image     Switch modes: take video, slow-motion video, panoramic photos, or switch to Professional mode to manually control advanced settings like shutter speed, exposure, white balance, ISO, and focus.

Adjust advanced settings

Swipe right to change these camera settings:

  • Shutter Sound: Turn sound on or off.
  • Storage: Specify where new photos or videos are stored.
  • Quick capture: Enable/disable Twist to open gesture.
  • Location: Turn geo-tags on or off.
  • Photo size (rear camera): Adjust file size and dimensions.
  • Tap anywhere to capture: Touch anywhere on Camera to take pictures instead of Image.

To refine settings for a particular photo:

1.  Frame your subject.

2.  Touch Image > Professional mode.

3.  Touch an icon to adjust an individual setting or touch Image to adjust them all.

4.  Drag an icon to adjust its setting:

  • Image     Manual focus
  • Image    White balance
  • Image      Shutter speed
  • Image     ISO, the camera's sensitivity to light.
  • Image      Exposure

5.  Do any of the following:

  • To return to default settings, touch Image.
  • To close settings, touch Image.
  • To exit Professional mode and return to normal mode, touch Image > Photo.

Click here for details on sharing, editing, and deleting your photos or videos.

Troubleshooting tips

  • To enable all features and get optimized performance, visit the Play Store to ensure you are running the latest version of Motorola Camera.
  • Third-party cases can interfere with the camera. Try removing the case if you have image-quality issues with photos.
  • Please make sure there is not a protective covering over the camera lens.
  • Ensure the camera lens is clean and free from any obstructions. Take a dry cloth and gently clean the camera lens.
  • Make sure your finger is not covering or shading the camera lens while taking the photo or video.
  • Still experiencing issues? Try clearing the camera cache.

    Go to Settings > Apps > Camera

    To free up space by removing temporary files, touch Storage > Clear cache. Over time, the cache builds up again, so repeat if a problem occurs.

    If problems still occur, then delete all data saved in the app by touching Storage > Clear data. Be careful - there’s no way to undo this.

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