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NFC - moto z2 force

Using NFC on the moto z2 force

NFC (Near Field Communication) is a short-range wireless technology that lets you quickly exchange information between your phone and other NFC-enabled smartphones, smart accessories, and smart posters.

When you use NFC to communicate with other devices, you do so securely:

  • NFC only works over a short range (a few centimeters), so it's unlikely that you'll connect by mistake. In order to snag your NFC signal, an eavesdropper would need to be uncomfortably close to you. And you would still have to accept the connection before sending or receiving information.
  • Your phone uses the latest security, encryption, and authentication features to protect your personal information.
  • You can turn off NFC when you’re not using it. But even when NFC is ON, it's automatically disabled when your phone display is locked.

Along with these safeguards, exchange information only with others you know and trust.

Share or receive with NFC

NFC makes it easy to securely share with sources you trust, without having to type a lot of information or struggle with account configurations.

Turn NFC on

  1. Go to Settings > Connected Devices
  2. Turn on NFC.
  3. Touch Android Beam and make sure it is on.

Share content between devices

Share or beam content from your phone to another device by touching the devices together (usually back to back). Before you begin, make sure both devices are unlocked, support NFC, and have NFC and Android Beam turned on.

  1. Open the screen that contains something you want to share, such as a photo, web page, video, map, or contact.
  2. Touch the back of your phone to the back of the other device.
    When the devices connect, they vibrate and you see Tap to beam on your phone.
  3. Touch your screen to share the content.

Read NFC tags on posters and signs

Receive web links, e-coupons, brochures, maps, and more from an NFC tag. Look for the NFC logo on NFC-enabled accessories, posters, signs and store displays. Just touch the back of your phone to within 2 cm of the logo to receive its tag information.


Turn NFC off

Go to SettingsConnected Devices and turn off NFC.

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