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FM Radio - Moto E Plus (4th Gen.)

How do I use the FM Radio on my device?

You can listen to your favorite FM stations through the radio app. (Keep in mind AM stations are not supported)

1. Plug earphones in. These will act as your antenna. Even when listening through the phone speakers or a wireless headset, the headphones will still be the antenna.

2. Open the FM radio app

  • To view all stations, use Image
  • To listen and view your favorite stations use Image
  • To seek stations using a radio dial touch Image , then use Image or Image to tune to specific stations.
  • To switch between headphones or speakers use Image or Image

The radio will continue to play while using other apps. Use the mini player in your notifcations bar to change the station or turn it off. Touch the notification to open the full app or use Image to turn the radio off and then swipe the notification sideways. Use Image to turn the radio off.


To add a favorite to your stations, on the Image or Image tab, touch Image by the station.

To remove a favorite, from Image tab touch Image


To set the radio to browse through stations,

  • to seek only through yoru favorites touch Image
  • to seek all stations touch Image

To Scan stations, touch Image > Settings, Touch Scan.


On the Image tab, touch Imageto start recording.

To stop recording, touch Image

If desired, edit the name of the recording and then touch DONE.

  • To listen to a recording touch Image > Recordings > Image
  • To delete or rename a recording touch Image next to it.
  • To delete all recordings touch Image at the top of the screen > Delete all
  • To change storage location for recordings touch Image > Settings.


To set a sleep time for the radio,

Touch Image > Sleep Timer. Select a duration of time to listen. Touch DONE.

The radio will turn off when the timer runs out. To turn off the time before it runs out touch Image

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