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Moto Display - moto z2 play

How do I use Moto Display?

Moto Display can show you a sneak peak of your notifications, even when your display is off, so you stay in the know without having to do a thing.

Tip: To enable all features and get optimized performance, visit the Play Store to ensure you are running the latest version of Moto.

When your screen sleeps, battery-friendly Moto Display notifications fade in and out, lighting only the pixels needed and showing notifications delivered since you last woke your screen. You can select which apps show notifications, set them to show or not during the night, and limit content to control your privacy.

If your phone has been still for a while, reach for it to trigger the Moto Display screen.

Moto Display does not show notifications:

  • At night, during hours you specify
  • When the phone is in your pocket or purse
  • When the phone is lying face down
  • When you are on a call

Respond to Moto Display notifications

From the Moto Display screen, you can:

  • Preview a notification. Touch & hold its icon.
  • Reply directly from a notification. Drag the notification icon to an action icon like , then enter and send a reply. (You can enable/disable this in Moto Display settings.)
  • Open the related app. Drag your finger up to the preview (then unlock if using a screen lock).

  • Dismiss a notification. Drag down to remove a notification.

  • Ignore for now. Drag your finger to the right or left edge of the screen to stop notifications from flashing until the next one is delivered.


Change Moto Display settings or turn it off

  1. Open the Moto app and touch Moto Display.
  2. Do any of the following:
    • To stop these notifications, turn Moto Display off  Image.
    • To stop specific apps from showing these notifications, touch Block apps > Image and touch the app's name.
    • For more privacy when the screen is locked, touch Select how much detail shows.
    • To allow text or voice replies from the Moto Display screen without unlocking the phone, check Quick Reply. To require unlocking to reply, uncheck it.

Adjust screen colors at night

Your phone can automatically filter out blue light to adjust screen colors to warmer tones at night for better sleep during hours you set.

Night Display does not affect the color mode you selected, which resumes outside of sleep hours.

Set it up

  1. Open the Moto app and touch Moto Display.
  2. Touch Night Display and turn it on Image.
  3. To adjust start and end times, touch Image or touch the default time and change it.

When Night Display is adjusting colors, you'll seeImage  in the status bar.

Turn it off

Swipe the status bar down and touch the Image notification, then switch Night Display off.

To turn it off anytime:

  1. Open the Moto app and touch Moto Display.
  2. Touch Night Display and turn it off Image .

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