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Calling - Moto Z Play

How do I make and answer calls?

Dial contacts, recent calls, or numbers, all from one app.


To Make a call:

Touch Image Phone to see your recent calls, favorites, and frequently-called contacts. Select a contact or number to call it.

To dial a number, tap Image , enter a number, then tap to Image call it.

To enter the international dialing code (+), touch and hold 0.

To add a pause or wait after numbers, tap Menu Image.

Answer a call:

Touch Image and drag to Image.

With call waiting on, touch Imageand drag to Imageto answer the new call, then tap Hold current call + Answer or End current call + Answer.


ImageNote: When you hold the smartphone to your ear, the display goes dark to prevent accidental touches. When you move the smartphone away from your ear, the display lights up again. During a call, your screen might stay dark if the sensor is covered. We do not recommend using covers or screen protectors that cover this sensor.


Recent calls

To view recent calls, touch Recents at the top of the screen.

To call a number, touch Image next to the entry.

To send a text message, create a contact, view a contact, or other options, touch an entry.

To clear the list, touch Menu Image > Remove from call log


Set your most-used contacts as favorites.

To set a favorite, touch Image > Contacts, select a contact and touch Image

To see your favorites, touch Image > Contacts >Image

Conference calls (3-way calling)

During a call, you can start another call, switch between them, or join them in a 3-way call:

  • To answer a second call, touch Image and drag to Image.

    Once you answer the second call, the first call goes on hold. To switch between calls, touch Image
  • To dial a second call, touch Image Add call, enter a number then touch Image.
    The first call goes on hold when you touch Image. To join the calls after the second call answers, touch Image

Caller ID by Google identifies inbound and outbound numbers, even for callers not saved as contacts in the People app.Whenever you get a call from a phone number not in your contacts, your phone will look for matches from businesses with a local listing on Google Maps.

  • To find your phone number, touch Apps Image  > Settings > About phone > Status > My Phone number

  • To silence an incoming call alert, press Power or the volume keys

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