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My Moto G Play (4th Gen.) does not seem to be charging, or is doing so slower than I expect.

My Moto G Play (4th Gen.) does not seem to be charging, or is doing so slower than I expect.  What could cause this?

It is best to use the Motorola charger that came with your phone.  Chargers have different output capacities, and a weak charger will take longer to charge your battery.  If you are using the device heavily at the time, it may be possible for a weak charger to fail to provide enough energy to actually charge at all.

Inspect the charger. Ensure it is not damaged - check the insulation on the wire for cuts, ensure the micro-USB plug fits securely into the device, and that the transformer (the larger portion with the wall outlet plugs) is not visible damaged.  Some wall outlets can be loose - the prongs of the plug do not firmly make contact with the conductors inside the wall.  While connected to your phone, jiggle the charger at the wall outlet and watch the battery icon at the top of the phone's status bar.  If the charging icon shows intermittently, try using a different outlet (and get an electrician to replace the loose outlet).

If your battery is completely discharged, it may take several minutes for the device to begin charging.  The battery needs to charge to a minimum voltage before the system can boot up, and this may take a few moments to achieve.

If you have already been using your phone for a while, sometimes a collection of applications are using resources and background services that keep your phone more active than it needs to be.  A quick and easy test is to reboot your phone if you have not turned it off in a long time (> 1 week).  Press and hold the power key to select the Power Off option.  Then turn your phone back on and charge your phone normally.  Try to observe if any particular applications that you use correlate with the phone using dramatically more energy than you expect (discharging faster or charging slower). 

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