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moto shattershield™ - moto z force (droid)

moto shattershield™ - moto z force (droid)

Do I need to use screen protectors or cases with moto shattershield™?

moto shattershield™ is guaranteed not to crack or shatter, but you still need to guard against cosmetic damage. Cases and screen protectors are recommended to protect against dents or scratches that might occur if your phone is dropped.

What should I do if the display looks damaged after the phone is dropped?

Your moto shattershield™ display is designed not to crack or shatter, however, if the phone is dropped, there may be cosmetic damage. We have built a replaceable lens right into the ShatterShield™ 5 layer system. You have the option to purchase a replacement lens. The lens should always remain on the phone and should only be replaced by a moto shattershield™ replacement lens.

Note: To replace the moto shattershield™ lens, complete a replacement request.

What is the process for replacing the lens?

You can replace the top exterior lens by purchasing a moto shattershield™ replacement lens

OR you can send the device to us and we will replace it for an additional fee.

Please complete a replacement request to initiate either option.

How to replace the physical lens

  1. Power off your phone.
  2. Remove the old lens: Insert the tool under the top lens near the Power key. Slide the tool toward the top corner. Lift, then peel off the top lens.

  3. Clean the screen: Wipe the screen free of lint and debris with the wet and dry cloths provided.

  4. Apply the new lens:
    • Pull Tab #1 to remove the back cling. Do not touch the back surface.

    • Use Tab #2 to align the new lens within the perimeter edge and aligning top & bottom audio openings.

    • Press the center, and draw a cross out to the edges. Wait approximately 15 seconds to allow the adhesive to spread. Press any remaining bubbles outward.


    • Pull Tab #2 to remove the top cling.


  5. Power your phone back on. The bonding process continues for 24 hours. After 24 hours, you will be able to press out any remaining air bubbles.

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