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Setup and use Gmail - Moto Z

How do I setup and use Gmail on the Moto Z?

Gmail is Google's web-based email service. To add a Gmail account touch  Image > Gmail  > Enter your user name and password

Tip: If you need to add an additional Gmail account go to Image  > Settings > Accounts > Google

Change the notification tone for Gmail

  1. From the home screen touch Image
  2. Touch Gmail
  3. Touch  Menu Image
  4. Touch Settings
  5. Touch the desired Email account
  6. Touch Inbox, sound & vibrate
  7. Touch Sound
  8. Touch the desired tone
  9. Touch OK to set as notification tone

Adjusting Gmail settings

  1. In the Inbox, press Menu Image > Settings
  2. Select Gmail account you want to adjust 
  3. Set the following options:

    • Inbox type: Choose from Default or Priority Inbox
    • Notifications: Select the check box to show a notification icon on the status bar when you receive a new email
    • Inbox sound & vibrate: Select notification options when you receive a new email message
    • Signature: Tap to enter a signature that is appended at the end of your emails
    • Vacation responder: Enable vacation responder and edit tart/end time, subject and message.
    • Sync Gmail: Change sync settings
    • Days of mail to sync: Allows you to change the number of days of mail to sync
    • Manage Labels: Tap to select which Gmail/Google Mail labels to synchronize
    • Download attachments: Select the check box to auto-download attachments to recent messages via Wi-Fi
    • Images: Choose between Always show, and Ask before showing.


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