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Security features - moto g4

What security and screen lock options are available on my moto g4 ?

Your device has several different lock options available.  If a lock is set for your screen, the screen goes dark and locks when the display goes to sleep or if you press the Power button.

To access your lock options, touch  Image  > Settings Security > Screen lock

Screen Lock Options

  • Swipe - provides no protection, but lets you get to the Home screen quickly.
  • Pattern - lets you draw a simple pattern with your finger to unlock the phone. 
  • PIN - requires four or more numbers. Longer PINs tend to be more secure.
  • Password - requires four or more letters or numbers. This is the most secure option, as long as you create a strong password.

Important note: Your phone may contain security policies set by your IT administrator which may override any settings you attempt to set under screen security. Please contact your IT Admin for more information.

Automatically lock

Set the period of time after sleep, to lock your phone, except when kept unlocked by Smart Lock 

Power button instantly locks

The power button will instantly lock your screen, except when kept unlocked by Smart Lock 

Lock Screen Message

Add a lock screen message for anyone that finds your phone.

Unlock with your face

Set up face matching

  1. Make sure you have set a screen lock on the phone.
  2. Go to Settings.
  3. Touch Security > Smart Lock.

    If you don't see Smart Lock, try the following:
    • Update Google Play services. In the Google Search widget on your home screen, search for “Google Play services”, then touch the app to open it.
    • Go to Settings > Security > Trust agents and enable Smart Lock.
  4. Unlock your phone, then touch Trusted face.
  5. Follow the onscreen instructions. Be sure to frame your entire face with the outline.

Whenever you turn on or wake the phone, it will search for your face and unlock when it recognizes you. Keep in mind that someone who looks similar to you could unlock the phone.

Unlock your phone

  1. Show your face to the lock screen.

    Image appears when the phone is looking for your face. When it recognizes you, it unlocks and displays Image.
  2. Swipe Image up.

If it doesn't recognize you, it stays locked and displays one of these icons.

Image     Use your password, PIN, or pattern

Image     Use the fingerprint sensor

Click here to learn more about Smart Lock.

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