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Adjusting audio alerts - Droid Turbo 2

Adjusting audio alerts - Droid Turbo 2

 ANDROID 6.0 (Marshmallow)

Your device has three volume profiles to choose from. Simply tap the volume up key to bring up your volume slider. Then, select the drop down arrow to the right to access volume for the ringer, media, and alarms (top to bottom, respectively). Adjust the sliders of each to your desired volume level.

To scilence your phone completely, try using Google's Do Not Disturb feature. To set up Do Not Disturb, open settings > sound and notification > Do Not Disturb. Go into Prioity Only and select what you want to be considered priority interuptions. Go into Automatic Rules to set up specific times you want the phone to enter a different mode. Choose from priority only interruptions, alarms, or complete scilence. Use this feature to quiet your phone at night or when you're working.

To turn on Do Not Disturb at any time, simply pull down on the notificaiton bar twice, once to access notifications, and again to access quick settings. In quick settings, you should see Do Not Disturb. Touching this will give you the options of total silence, alarms only, or prioity only. You can also specify a time range that you would like for this mode to remain active or set it for Until you Turn this off.

** If you do not see Do Not Disturb in your quick settings, you may need to turn this on. To do so, touch and hold the gear icon in the upper right hand corner of your quick settings. It will spin and then say Congrats! System UI has been enabled. Then, open settings > System UI > touch the icons you want to appear in your quick settings. Deselect those you do not!  


Your device has 3 volume profiles to choose from. Use the volume keys to scroll up and down to the desired profile.


After you have selected your specific profile an icon will be displayed in your notification bar.

Profile  Detail Icon 
All   Enables full notifications  Image (Vibrate)

No icon for All Audio
Priority Allows only priority interruptions that you can customize  Image
None Disables all notifications, including alarms  Image

To adjust Ringtone volume  

Touch Apps Image > Settings > Sound & notification > Drag a slider to set the volume of ringtones that sound when you receive a phone call.

To adjust Specific Notifications (Phone ringtone, Email, Calendar, Messaging) use the following:  


          1. Touch Apps Image       

          2. Touch Settings

          3. Touch Sound & notification

          Note: If you do not want the phone to vibrate make sure the Also vibrate for calls is not enabled.
          4. Touch Phone ringtone, and make desired selection

Default Notifications

          1. Touch Apps Image       

          2. Touch Settings

          3. Touch Sound & notification
          4. Touch Default notification ringtone, and make desired selection


  1. Touch AppsImage 
  2. Touch Email / Gmail
  3. Touch Menu
  4. Touch Settings
  5. Touch the account you wish to modify
  6. Touch Inbox sound & vibrate

    Note: If you do not want the phone to vibrate make sure the Vibrate box is not checked.
  7. Touch Sound, and make desired selection

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