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Moto Mods - Moto Z Series

Moto Mods - Moto Z Series

Moto Mods™ magnetically attach to Moto Z smartphones to turn your phone into a movie projector, boombox, battery powerhouse, and more. Moto Mods are designed to work seamlessly with your Moto Z. The Moto Mods connector on the back of Moto Z phones provides a high speed connection, enabling the phone and Moto Mod to communicate with each other.


Moto Mods General Information

Insta-Share Projector

Power Pack (Battery)

JBL SoundBoost Stereo Speaker

Moto Style Shells

Developer Q&A

Moto Mods General Information

Do I need to power down the phone to attach or detach Moto Mods?

Moto Mods are "hot-swappable," which means they can be attached or detached while the phone is powered on. Moto Mods are quick and easy to snap on and off throughout the day.

Can I share Moto Mods with other members of my household?

Moto Mods are designed to be easy to share. You can swap any Moto Mod from one phone to another in a snap. No pairing is needed. Your Moto Mod instantly recognizes the new phone and will only go through the setup screens the first time it is attached to a new phone.

Can I use more than one Moto Mod at one time?

The Moto Mods connector on the back of the phone only supports one Moto Mod at a time; however, Moto Mods are easy to swap to meet your needs at the moment.

If I buy a Moto Mod this year, will it work on a phone I buy next year?

Moto Mods are multi-generational and will work with future Moto Mods compatible smartphones.

Will my Moto Mod charge when connected to the phone?

Moto Z using Turbo Charger: Both the phone and Moto Mod are charged at the same time.

Moto Z using standard charger: The phone will charge to 100%.  Once the phone reaches 100% charge, the Mod will start to charge.

Moto Z Force using Turbo Charger: The phone will charge to approximately 80%.  Then, the charge will be split between phone and Moto Mod.

Moto Z Force using standard charger: The phone will charge to 100%.  Once the phone reaches 100% charge, the Mod will start to charge.

Where can I buy Moto Mods?

Learn more about Moto Mods and purchase them at www.motomods.com or visit participating retailers.

How do I get customer support for my Moto Mod?

Moto Mods are developed and manufactured by leading companies that provide customer support for their Moto Mods. Refer to the user guide for customer support contact information for your specific Moto Mod.

I understand there are magnets in the Moto Mods, can they affect my credit cards?

It is possible that magnets can wipe the data on a magnetic stripe card; however, it is unlikely that the magnets in the Moto Mods will erase the data on a credit card.  As with other magnets, it is recommended that you avoid direct contact between your credit cards and the back of the Moto Mod to reduce the possibility of demagnetization.

Insta-Share Projector

Will the Insta-Share Projector duplicate everything that I see on my screen?

Most current smartphone applications mirror (duplicate) the content on the smartphone screen. There are a limited but growing number of applications that extend the display and will show different content on the projected image than what appears on the smartphone display.

Does the Insta-Share Projector have a dedicated battery in it?

The projector has an integrated 1100 mAh battery that adds up to 60 minutes of additional projection time. The phone’s battery can power the projector once the projector battery is depleted. The integrated battery powers the projector and is not designed to add additional battery life for the phone.

Does the Insta-Share Projector have a dedicated speaker in it?

The projector uses the speakers in the phone for audio output and can also be used with headphones or paired with a Bluetooth® speaker (sold separately).

Does the Insta-Share Projector work in bright light?

The image quality depends on the room lighting conditions and the distance to the surface the image is displayed on. The image will appear brightest in darker rooms and brightness will also increase as you move the projector closer to the surface you are projecting on.

What is the best surface to project an image onto?

The projector can project an image onto a variety of surfaces including the wall and ceiling. Flat, light colored surfaces result in the best image quality.

Power Pack (Battery)

What is efficiency mode?

Most external batteries continue to charge your phone even when your phone battery is close to full capacity or even fully charged. This method of charging is actually less efficient and more power is lost when transferring battery power to your phone. Moto Mods are more intelligent and your Power Pack automatically toggles charging of your phone on and off to maximize battery life when efficiency mode is enabled.

Can I charge my Power Pack when it’s not connected to the phone?

Power Packs with wireless charging can be charged when not connected to the phone with compatible wireless charging pads (sold separately). When the Power Pack is connected to the phone, the phone will charge first before the Power Pack begins charging when placed on a wireless charging pad.

Power Packs without the wireless charging feature can only be charged when attached to the phone. The phone and attached Power Pack are charged simultaneously for fast and efficient charging when connected to the in box TurboPower charger. Third party chargers may not support simultaneous charging of the phone and Moto Mod.

What wireless charging standards are supported?

The Power Packs with embedded wireless charging support both the Qi and PMA standards.

JBL SoundBoost Stereo Speaker

Does the JBL SoundBoost have a battery in it?

The JBL SoundBoost has an integrated 1000 mAh battery that powers the speaker for up to 5 additional hours. The phone’s battery can power the speaker once the speaker battery is depleted. The integrated battery powers the speaker and is not designed to add additional battery life for the phone.

Can I use it for phone calls (i.e. speakerphone)?

You can use the JBL SoundBoost speaker to amplify the audio on phone calls. The internal phone mics will still be used for the phone call.

Moto Style Shells

Do Style Shells use power from the phone?

No, they do not.

Can I change shells whenever I want?

Style Shells can be easily changed out to reflect your style at the moment.

Developer Q&A

This is so cool! Can I make one?

We have created the Moto Mods Development Kit to help you do exactly that. Head on over to developer.motorola.com to learn more.

What kind of functionality can be added to the Moto phones through development of Moto Mods?

We have designed a flexible architecture that allows utilizing functionality known to Android as well new ones that can be developed by anyone. Visit developer.motorola.com to learn more.

Does Motorola provide support for the Moto Mods Development Kit?

Motorola does not provide direct support for the Moto Mods Development Kit.  Please refer to developer.motorola.com for full documentation, FAQs and necessary links.

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