What is a "Like New" Device?

What is a "Like New" Device?

Like New means that the product has either been unused or lightly used.

At Motorola, we pride ourself on quality standards; therefore, all 'Like New' phones are subjected to quality inspections prior to shipment. This process helps us ensure that your ‘Like New’ replacement phone will perform and look like a new device, just out of the box!

Six Sigma Quality Throughout!
Our goal is to ensure you have the highest quality replacement in your hands. To do this, our Moto Techs test and inspect every ‘Like-New’ Device before it goes out the door!

Testing, Testing 1,2,3…
Before your ‘Like New’ device leaves Motorola, it will need to pass through several testing checkpoints. These include tests that ensure that the Power, Battery, Audio, Display and Port functions are in working order. They also will make sure that the unit ships with the most current available software for that device.

Our ‘Like New’ devices are then checked to ensure the cosmetic look and feel meet the same standards as a newly shipping device.

Note: If you have a customized device you will receive a device with the same customization.

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