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Quick Settings

Is there an easy way to access my settings? 

Your device has a quick settings option that allows you to quickly view and adjust some of your most commonly used settings.

To access the quick settings menu simply use two fingers and flick down on the notification bar or flick down once while in the notification menu.



On Android 6.0, you are able to edit what options appear in this menu. To do so, you must first turn on your System UI tuner.

To do this, first access your quick settings using the above steps. Then, touch and HOLD the gear icon in the upper right for about seven seconds and then lift your finger. You will see a message pop up at the bottom advising that System UI tuner has been enabled. (The gear will also spin, may need to try a few times)

This will take you to your settings where you will now see System UI tuner in the available options under about phone.

If you enter Quick Settings in this menu, you can modify which settings appear by dragging icons to the trash can at the bottom or by selecting Add Tile and choosing from available settings to be added.

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