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Set up and use ringtones - Nexus 6

Set up and use ringtones - Nexus 6

You can use default ringtones or explore other options to personalize your phone.

Choose a preloaded ringtone:

  1. Touch Apps Image > Settings > Sound & notification > Phone ringtone. If the option is greyed out, make sure handset volume is not set to Silent Mode.
  2. Select a ringtone from the list.
  3. Touch OK to select the ringtone.

Load your own custom ringtone

Connect the supplied USB cable into the device, then into a computer. Click the device drive > Internal storage. Drag and drop audio files into the Internal Storage > Ringtones folder.

To use custom sounds for other notification types, drag and drop audio files into the Internal Storage > Notifications folder.

Find more details on how to transfer files from the computer to the phone.

Set up ringtones using applications from Play store

We do not endorse, support, or guarantee third party Android applications. Some owners have had success using Ringtone Maker. You can search the Play store for other third party applications that enable you to set up your personal ringtones.

Next steps

You can Troubleshooting tool. Select Audio > Cannot hear ringtone / ringtone volume is too low.

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