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How can I use Hangouts on my device?

ImageHangouts brings one-on-one and group conversations to life with photos, emoji, and video calls for free.

Hangouts allows you to connect with friends across computers, Android and Apple devices.

It lets you send and receive SMS/MMS messages and keep all of those conversations alongside your online conversations and video calls.

Sending a text message

There are three ways to send a text from Hangouts:

  1. Directly add a phone number
    • Touch the compose icon to open a new Hangout.
    • You can type in a phone number in the search box at the top of screen, and it will give you an option to “Send SMS to.”
    • After you’re finished typing the number, touch the number below “Send SMS to” to confirm
  2. You can search for a contact or select from the contacts list.
    • Touch the compose icon to open a new Hangout and search for the contact’s name or choose from the contact list. 
    • Then choose the phone number you’d like to text.
  3. Choose a contact from your conversations list.
    • Touch the person’s name at the top and then you can choose the SMS option from the drop-down items.

If your contact isn’t available on Hangouts and has a phone number, you’ll see an SMS icon with the contact’s profile photo.

To switch between text/ multimedia messages and Hangouts messages, touch the contact’s name at the top of the conversation.

Note: The only MMS types Hangouts supports are photos and videos, as well as MMS subjects.

Changing the primary messaging app

  • Open the Hangouts app, go to Settings > SMS > and touch SMS Disabled to make Hangouts your primary text messaging app.
  • To make Hangouts your default SMS app > Touch Image > Settings > More (under Wireless & Networks) > Default SMS app > Hangouts

SMS Settings

In Hangouts, go to Menu > Settings > SMS > to manage the following:

  • SMS Enabled: Allows you to change the default app to handle SMS messages.
  • Account to show SMS in: If you’re logged into more than one account in your Hangouts app, choose which account you’d like to use for text messages.
  • Sound: Touch Sound to change your sound notification for your text messages.
  • Vibrate: Touch the checkbox to make the phone vibrate when you receive a text message.
  • Delete old messages: Touch the checkbox to delete your old text message when your phone’s storage is low.
  • Delivery reports: Touch the checkbox to be sent a delivery report for each text message that you send.
  • Auto retrieve MMS: Touch the checkbox to automatically retrieve multimedia messages (MMS), such as photos and videos.
  • Roaming auto-retrieve: Touch the checkbox to automatically retrieve MMS messages while you're roaming.
  • Wireless alerts: Touch wireless alerts to see which alerts you'd like to receive:
    • Show extreme threats
    • Show severe threats
    • Show AMBER alerts
    • Alert reminder
    • Vibrate on alert

For more details on Hangouts, visit Hangouts help.

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