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Protect your phone

How can I protect my phone?

Our site allows your to locate, lock, and even wipe your phone when you link it to a Google account and sign in at www.motorola.com/support.

To enable these features follow the steps below:

  1. When you see Imagein the Notification bar, flick down and select Protect your phone.

    (Click here if you have already cleared this notification)
  2. Touch yes, I'm in.
  3. Enable Motorola Device Policy by touching Activate
  4. Your phone is now protected.
  5. Touch Done to complete

If you have already cleared this notification follow the steps below:

  1. Touch Settings
  2. Touch Security
  3. Set a Screen Lock if you don't already have one
  4. While still in Security, scroll down and select Device Administrators and activate Motorola Device Policy
  5. Remain in Settings on your device, select Motorola Device ID and choose or add the same Google Account you are signed into here.
  6. Also in Settings, select Location Access, and turn the Access my location switch to ON. Ensure GPS Satellites and Wi-Fi & mobile network location are selected.
  7. You will now see your device in My Stuff.

After you have enabled this feature simply go to www.motorola.com/support and select Lost Device and choose the feature you want to use.

Note: All of these features require that the device is powered ON and has a data connection.

Locate My Device

Start with locating your device. This will then allow you to use the other advanced features of the site.

We will attempt to locate your device within a few minutes. If your device has a poor network connection, it may take longer to locate. We are unable to locate any devices that are turned OFF or not connected via mobile data network or WiFi. On subsequent visits to the site, we will display the device's last known location, before updating the map to the current location.


Ring My Device

When you select this option your phone will emit a loud ring (marine) making it easy to locate your device. The ring will last for approximately 3 minutes. The ring can be silenced by unlocking your device, and entering your lock PIN or passcode if applicable.


Lock My Device

This option enables you to lock your device, with a new lock code for extra protection, as well as allows you to enter a special message that will display on your device if found,. If you enter a new lock code, it must comply with any existing security settings on your device (for example, your corporate security policy may require an 8 digit alphanumeric code.) If the new passcode is not compliant, the device will still be locked, but the existing passcode will be used.


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Wipe My Device

If your device is lost or stolen, this option will allow you to permanently remove all of your personal data and settings from the device. Once this action is performed, you will no longer be able to locate this device or manage it from this website.


Tip: Your device also has several different lock options available. Click here to view screen lock features.

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