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Google Settings App

How do I use the Google Settings application?

To access your Google Settings, first select settings > Google.

You can now manage permissions and privacy settings along with AdMob settings to personalize your in-app ads.

Google Settings also allows you to quickly see which apps you have used your Google account to sign in through along with enabling auto sign-in for Google enabled apps. One advantage that you now have fewer passwords to remember and less time spent tapping in emails and passwords, or going through a complete registration process.

Google Settings Menu Options

& Security

Signing in to Google

Device Access and Notifications

Connected Apps and sites

Personal Info & Privacy

Your Personal Info

Activity Controls

Ads Settings

Account Overview

Control Your Content

Account Preferences


Your Google Drive Storage

Delete your Account or Services


Turn this setting on to connect with

other Android Devices across short distances.

Nearby discoveries

You'll see links here when things around

you are providing apps or websites.

Google Photos Backup

 Select this options to modify your Photos

 Application backup settings.

 Location  Adjust your Location Settings (Same as from your main Settings)

 Reset Advertising ID

Out of of interest-based ads

Ads by Google

 Connected Apps  See/Modify applications connected to Google Services
 Data Management  Modify Data usage settings for Google applications
 Google Fit  View connected apps and devices to your Fit information
 Play Games  Edit Google Play Games Settings
 Search & Now

 Accounts & Privacy

Search Language


Phone Search

Now Cards

Now on Tap


Home Screen Settings


 Security Code

Remotely Locate this Device

Allow Remote Lock and Erase

Scan Device for Security Threats

Improve Harmful App Detection

 Set up Nearby Device  Quickly copy your content from one device to another using Bluetooth and Wi-Fi
Smart Lock for Passwords  Modify Password Settings

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