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Customize the Home screen - Droid Turbo

Customize the Home screen - Droid Turbo

The Home screen displays your latest information in one place. It's what you see when you turn on the smartphone or touch Home Image from a menu.


Note: Your home screen might look a little different.

Change the wallpaper

Need a change of scenery? Change your wallpaper (background) on your device whenever you like. Select from Live (animated) wallpapers, standard wallpapers, or pictures from your Gallery.

  1. Touch and hold any blank space on your Home screen.
  2. Touch Wallpapers.
  3. Browse through the choices, touch the picture you wish to use, touch Set wallpaper.

Add an item to the Home screen

You can add the following types of items to the Home screen.

  • Widgets - Add any of a variety of miniature applications (widgets) to your Home screen, such as a Clock, a Music player, the Google search bar, a Calendar that shows upcoming appointments or a News & Weather widget. You can also download more widgets from the Play Store.
  1. Touch and hold any blank space on your Home screen.
  2. Touch Widgets at the top of the screen.
  3. Select a widget, then touch and hold it until it vibrates. The Home screen layout appears, and when the widget is released, it will display on the Home screen.


  • Shortcuts - Add shortcuts to Apps, a bookmarked webpage, a favorite Contact, a destination in Maps, a Gmail label, a Music playlist, and many other items. The shortcuts available depend on the applications you have installed. Shortcuts in the dock, the row of icons at the bottom of the home screen, appear in all panel views. To change the dock shortcuts (except for the Apps launcher icon Imagethat opens the app menu), touch and hold a dock shortcut to move it, then select the shortcut you want to replace it with.

    Note: Following a software update, you may need to reinstall certain Shortcuts.


  • Folders - Add a folder to organize Home screen items, or folders that contain all your contacts, contacts with phone numbers, or starred contacts.  The folder contents are kept up to date automatically.  You can group your apps and widgets into convenient folders right on your homescreen.
  1. From the Home screen, tap and select an application you wish to group with another until it vibrates.  Drag the app icon toward the second application for the group, as shown below.

  2. As you drag the app icon over, a blue circle will appear around the second application.

  3. Release the application you were dragging and the icon will appear inside the circle behind the icon of the first application, as shown below.
  4. Tap on the newly created folder to rename it.  Enter the name of the folder, then touch Done.
  5. Once complete, you can drag additional applications to the newly created folder at any time, following steps 1-3 above.

Note: The maximum number of applications which can be dragged to a folder is 16.

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