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Moto Voice

How do I setup and use Moto Voice?

Moto Voice lets you control your phone hands-free by speaking commands. Train your phone to recognize your voice, and it's always ready for the launch command, so it's ready to execute voice searches and unique device commands.

Moto Voice is a separate application from Google Voice Search but it works with Google Voice Search.  Moto Voice's main purpose is to wait for the launch phrase, and then either execute the command or send the request to Google Voice Search.

Tip: To enable all features and get optimized performance, visit the Play Store to ensure you are running the latest version of Moto Voice.

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Voice Commands

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Getting Started

After you train it, Moto Voice is ready for your launch phrase. Just say those words followed by a command or search, and your phone will respond.  “OK Google (Now)” will work at any time regardless of the application running. 

Tip: Please remove the screen cling before proceeding.

To train Moto Voice:

  1. Touch MotoImage
  2. Touch the microphone 
  3. Consider your launch phrase
    • Move to a quiet room. If your location is not quiet enough your device will notify you.

      You will only be able to proceed when the phone indicates it has found a quiet location.
    • Hold your phone away from your face and speak normally

    • Say your launch phrase when prompted 

Voice Commands

Once the device is trained you can now use several different voice commands. There is no need to pause after saying the launch phrase.  Simply put everything together into a single phrase and Moto Voice will process the command. Moto Voice is able to execute much faster than other voice systems since it does not need to break up your voice command.


  • Say "launch phrase Help Me" for a full list of voice commands and examples, or click here to view on Google.
  • To find your phone all you need to do is say “launch phrase, find my phone
  • Moto Voice will work with most Bluetooth and wired headsets. To launch Moto Voice simply touch on the talk (Multifunction) button for the accessory, and speak your command, you do not need to say your launch phrase.
  • Moto Voice allows you to be as far away as 10-15 feet from your phone, in quiet environments.  In loud environments the range is about 1-2 feet.  A good rule of thumb is to think of it like talking to a person - if a person couldn't be reasonably expected to hear you then there's a good chance your phone won't either.
  • To use voice pin entry - When Moto Voice is used to execute a command, you simply need to speak your pin code when prompted. Unfortunately you cannot use voice pin entry with a pattern lock or password.  Please switch to pin entry if you would like to use the feature. To enable this feature touch Image> Moto > Image > Voice > ensure Speak PIN to unlock is checked.



Call "contact" Make a phone call
Navigate to "location"  Get directions
Text "contact" Send a message
Remember "meeting at 1" Set reminders
Will it rain today?

When will the sun rise?

How tall is the Eiffel Tower?
Ask Questions
Schedule "an appointment for Friday at noon" Schedule meetings
Play "title" Play music & movies
Set "alarm for 6 in the morning on Tuesday" Set alarms
Open "calendar app" Opens application
What's this song?

Post to Google +

When is my next meeting?

Open google.org

Show me pictures of cute pets  
Other Voice Actions

What's Up Command

What is the “What’s up?” command?
The “What’s up?” command reads out important notifications from the notification bar in Android.  After reading them the items are marked as having been read for both “What’s up?” as well as Active Display.

I can’t get the “What’s up?” command to work properly, what can I do?
Alternatively, you can try saying “Read Notifications”.  Depending on your particular voice, the system sometimes has a problem picking up a very short phrase like “What’s up?” consistently.

Can I respond to notifications in “What’s up?”
Unfortunately at this time you cannot respond with your voice to notifications read by “What’s up?” but we are working on it.

How do I reduce the information “What’s up?” provides when my screen is locked?
If you are concerned about your notifications being read aloud to another person, you can reduce the amount of detail read by opening  Image > Moto > Image > Voice Commands while locked > Notification details and turning off the setting.

Moto Voice Settings

To adjust how Moto Voice works on your device:

Touch  Image

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