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Text Messaging

How do I use the text messaging application?

To launch the text messaging application, touch Apps ImageMessaging


Tips & tricks

  • Forward:  Touch and hold a message, select Forward
  • Save attachments: Touch and hold a picture to save it in your gallery
  • Text your best friend: Use a widget to text your favorite contact quickly: Touch and hold any blank space on your Home screen, touch Widgets, touch and hold Direct message to drag it to your home screen, then choose a contact.
  • Problem sending messages: Try to reset Apps Preferences by going to Settings > Apps > Image> Reset app preferences

Read, reply, forward & delete text messages

Touch Apps Image > Messaging

  • Open: Touch a conversation to open it
  • Attachments: When you open a message with an attachment, touch the attachment to open it, or touch and hold it to save it
  • Reply: Open a conversation, then enter your response in the text box at the bottom
  • Forward: Open a conversation, touch and hold the message you want to forward, then touch Forward
  • Delete Conversation: Touch and hold a conversation you want to delete, then touch Image
  • Settings: Touch Menu Image > Settings to change your signature and other options

Create text messages

Touch Apps ImageMessaging > +

  1. Enter the recipients at the top
  2. Touch the text box at the bottom to enter the message

    To add an attachment, touch Image 

Note: To send a video in a message, you cannot capture the video from the camera app. You have to access it via Messaging > Attach > Video > Capture Video. This process will reduce the resolution of the video allowing it to be sent.  If you try to attach an existing video you will receive an error message stating video is too large. Those videos can still be shared via Email, You Tube, or transferred to a computer.

No group messaging option

If you are unable to see group messaging options under Message settings, this is most likely caused by a SIM card provisioning error.

To verify go to Settings > About phone > Status > Phone number

If unknown is listed contact your carrier so they can provide details to provision correctly.

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