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Using Motorola Connect for your Moto 360

How can I use Motorola Connect with my Moto 360?


The Motorola Connect app lets you use your phone to set up, manage, and update your Moto 360 watch.


  • To enable the latest features ensure you are running Motorola Connect version 2.01 or above. Download or update here.
  • Motorola Connect supports all devices running Android 4.3 and higher.
  • Motorola Connect PC Extension is only available for select Motorola phones.
Motorola Connect shows the watch's charge level, and notifies you when you need to charge the battery.
Use your phone to find your lost watch. Motorola Connect opens a map showing the watch's last known location, and pings the watch if it is nearby and turned on.

Motorola Connect allows you to use your phone to customize Motorola watch faces.

To customize your watch face:

  1. Touch Image
  2. Touch Connect
  3. Touch "your" Moto 360
  4. Touch Watch faces
  5. Choose the desired watch face
  6. Touch Customize
  7. Make your desired changes
  8. Touch Update
  9. On your Moto 360, touch and hold your watch face and select your customized watch face. 

Note: If you are unable to view the new watch faces on your Moto360, please uninstall Motorola Connect and then re-install.

1.  Go to Settings > Apps > Motorola Connect > Uninstall

2.  Go to Google Play > Apps > Search for Motorola Connect > Motorola Connect > Install

Entering your personal details will improve accuracy.

You will also have the option to sync and backup your wellness data with Motorola .

To give your device a new name, remove your device from Connect, or disconnect your device from Android Wear.

  1. Touch Image
  2. Touch Connect
  3. Touch "your" Moto 360
  4. Touch Menu Image
  5. Make desired selection

Trusted device allows you to keep your Motorola phone unlocked and ready to use as long as it's within range of your watch.

Note: The Trusted Devices option on your Motorola phone must be activated to use this feature. Users with installed corporate security policies may be prevented from using
this feature.

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