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Upgrade or Rescue your device using Rescue and Smart Assistant

How can I upgrade or rescue my device using Rescue and Smart Assistant?

What is the difference between Upgrade and Rescue?


  • The Upgrade option should be used if new sofware is available to upgrade your phone.
  • Personal data is not removed from the device after software is flashed.
  • If the device is already on current software, the Upgrade option will not be available.


  • The Rescue option should be used for a device that cannot power up correctly or is having software related issues.
  • This option will reflash the software, even if your device already has the latest version of software.
  • All personal content will be deleted from the device.
  • It is highly recommended to use the Backup & Restore feature first if your device can power up.

How to use the Upgrade feature:

  1. Backup your device before installing new device software.
  2. Connect your device.
  3. Click Flash > Go Upgrade 
  4. If a firmware upgrade is available for your device, click the Upgrade button to download the firmware to your computer
  5. The firmware download can take several minutes, as the file size can range from 1GB -> 3GB
  6. Once the firmware is downloaded,  follow the onscreen instructions to enable fastboot mode (disconnect USB cable, power off the phone, hold volume down and power buttons until phone enters fastboot mode, then reconnect USB cable.) 
  7. When the firmware is installed, click Finish.

How to use the Rescue feature:

  1. View the interactive tutorial on how to use the Rescue feature:  
  2. If you have a Rescue and Smart Assistant account, log in.
  3. Click Flash > Go Rescue.
  4. Click on the ‘Moto Phone’ type:
  5. Select the Product/Model for your device
  6. Follow the onscreen instructions to connect your device in fastboot mode
  7. If the incorrect product/model was selected, Rescue and Smart Assistant will correct it and change the selection
  8. Rescue and Smart Assistant will now check to see if there is a firmware available for your device
  9. Click Image to download the software to your download location.

    The Rescue button is active after the software is downloaded.
  10. Disconnect the device from the computer, and turn off device. Press the volume down and power keys simultaneously until the phone enters Fast Boot mode, then connect the phone to the computer with a USB cable. Then click OK to start flashing (installing) the software.
  11. Click OK when you see “Rescue completed”.

Click here to download Rescue and Smart Assistant and learn more about the software.

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