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Pairing the S9

How do I connect the S9 with another Bluetooth device?

Before you can use your S9, you must pair (link) it with your Bluetooth-enabled phone and/or music devices.
"Pairing" links devices equipped with Bluetooth wireless technology and allows a previously linked device to remember your S9. Once devices are paired, they automatically connect when turned on and within range.

First Time Use
When using your S9 for the first time, follow these steps to pair (connect) to your Bluetooth device(s):

Important: If you are pairing separate Bluetooth devices for handsfree calls and streaming music, it is recommended that you pair your S9 with your handsfree device (phone) first.

  1. Ensure the Bluetooth feature is enabled (turned on) in your device. (Refer to your phone or music device manual for detailed instructions on enabling Bluetooth).
  2. Turn on your S9 by pressing and holding button until the indicator light flashes three times in blue. After a few moments, the indicator light will be steadily lit in blue to indicate your S9 is in pairing mode.
  3. From your device, perform a Bluetooth device discovery/search. (Refer to your phone or music device manual for detailed instructions on accessing Bluetooth and searching for discoverable devices).

When pairing your S9 with a Motorola phone, use the following steps to perform a device discovery from your phone:

After accessing Bluetooth on your phone:

  1. Select Look for Devices. The phone lists Bluetooth devices it finds.
  2. Select Motorola S9.
  3. Select OK or Yes to pair your S9 with your phone.
  4. Enter the passkey: 0000.
  5. Select OK.

Note: These steps are for most Motorola phones. Refer to your phone's user guide for instructions on how to successfully pair with Bluetooth devices.

When your S9 successfully pairs and connects to your device, the indicator light displays blue with 10 quick purple flashes. If wearing your S9, you will also hear an audio tone indicating successful pairing and connection to your device.

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