Moto 360 (2nd Gen.) & Moto 360 Sport - Maintenance Release Notes

Moto 360 (2nd Gen.) & Moto 360 Sport - Maintenance Release Notes


We are rolling out a new Android Wear* software update for Moto 360 (2nd generation) and for Moto 360 Sport by Motorola. This update brings important security and stability improvements to your watch. For more information on Motorola updates and repairs, visit motorola.com/mymoto360.

NOTE: You cannot downgrade to a previous software version after installing this update.


This software update is for all Moto 360 users (2nd generation) and for Moto 360 Sport users. After installing the software update you will notice changes that include:

iPhone 7 pairing issue:

  • Fixes a pairing issue with iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

*Android Wear is a trademark of Google Inc.


This software update will be rolled out in phases to Moto 360 users over the next few days.  When you receive the update, you will receive a notification on your watch.

To successfully install the update, your watch must be connected to a phone which is connected to the Internet.  Your watch’s battery level must also be greater than 50%.

If you have received a notification message for this update:

  1. Swipe left in the System update screen.
  2. Touch “Open”.
  3. Select Yes under “Ready to install?”.
  4. After the software is installed, your Moto 360 will restart automatically.
  5. Your watch is now updated with M1D64I

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