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Properly charge the moto g7 power

How should I properly charge the moto g7 power ?

If you are just setting up your moto g7 power, new batteries are not fully charged. Plug the supplied battery charger into your phone and an electrical outlet. It may take several seconds to start charging the battery.

If your battery is completely discharged, it may take several minutes for the device to begin charging. When your device is turned on and you are charging, the battery icon in the top notification bar will show the charging indicator

It is best to use the Motorola charger that came with your phone. Chargers have different output capacities, and a weak charger will take longer to charge your battery.  If you are using the device heavily at the time, it may be possible for a weak charger to fail to provide enough energy to actually charge at all.

It may take several charging cycles for your battery to reach optimum performance.

If you are experiencing incorrect or inconsistent battery level, quick battery discharge, slow or erratic charging speeds, or sudden power off or rebooting, a battery calibration could correct the problem.
To perform a battery calibration:
  1. Force reboot the device by holding the power button until the device reboots.
  2. Plug into supplied charger
  3. Charge to 100% and leave on the charger for at least an additional hour after getting to 100%

Click here" style="" target="" title=" for suggestions on how to extend your battery life.

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