Determine Email Settings on Mac using MAC Mail

How can I determine the email settings on a Mac using MAC Mail?

Finding out the Email Settings on a MAC using MAC Mail

Step 1- Open the MAC Mail Application

Step 2- Click on the “Mail” Menu Item and Select “Preferences”.

Step 3- Click on the Account Settings Option and Copy the Incoming Mail Server, SMTP Server and User Name


Step 4 - Click on the “Advanced” option and copy the incoming port and whether the SSL is checked or not.  Also, remove the checkbox from the “Remove copy from server after retrieving a message”.   Please Note:  If you have this checked and you download the email to your computer first.  You will not get the email on your phone.


Step 5 - Click on the Account Information and go down to the SMTP Section.  Click on the arrow and choose Edit SMTP Server List.


Step 6 - Copy the SMTP Port and determine whether the SSL is checked or not.


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