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Shot tracking data during game play

What data can be tracked by my MOTOACTV when golfing?

Currently, there are 2 Modes available

  1. Touch Settings
  2. Touch Workout
  3. Touch Golf
  4. Touch Shot Marking

GPS Ball Location Only (default)

  • Will only provide you distance to cups, greens, hazards. You will be able to track the number of strokes played.
  • To enter details of your shot in GPS Only mode, double-press the Start key. Edit ball location. See what club MOTOACTV recommends for your next shot and adjust it based on your preferences.

Detailed Shot Information  

  • With your MOTOACTV, you can track shot details like distance, ball lie, and club used. Your MOTOACTV will even recommend a club for your next shot.
  • Start your shot tracking from the tee. Press the Start key prior to making your first shot.
  • Complete your shot. Once you reach the ball, press the Start key to mark the new ball location and measure the shot distance

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