How can I connect my MOTOACTV to Wi-Fi?

How can I connect my MOTOACTV to Wi-Fi?

MOTOACTV utlizes Wi-Fi to sync your work out data with the MOTOACTV portal.

MOTOACTV will try to sync a couple of times shortly after you finish a workout. If those fail, it will try every six hours.

You have two options available to connect your device to Wi-Fi.

Important Note: MOTOACTV will only allow connection to a secure Wi-Fi network. For your privacy Public Wi-Fi networks are not supported.

To setup a Wi-Fi connection using MOTOACTV:

1. Scroll left to Settings

2. Touch Wireless

3. Touch Wi-Fi Networks

4. Touch Add Wi-Fi network

5. Touch the desired network

6. Enter network password

7. Touch Connect

To setup a Wi-Fi connection using MotoCast on your computer:

1. Connect your MOTOACTV to you computer

MotoCast should automatically open when you connect your device to your computer.

If installation doesn’t automatically begin;

For Windows, open My Computer > MotoCast drive > MotoCastSetup.exe.

For Mac, open the MotoCast drive on your desktop > Install MotoCast.app.

You can also download MotoCast from www.mymotocast.com

2. Once installation is complete follow the on-screen prompts to complete MotoCast setup.

3. The Wi-Fi setup screen will appear.


4. Highlight your network and enter your Passkey.


  • If you are unable to connect to your network, try resetting your router and trying to reconnect.
  • Ensure that your device is not setup as a Public network. Contact your Internet provider for specific details.
  • If you choose to Set up Later, or you need to add another network, simply launch MotoCast and select Device > MOTOACTV Wi-Fi Settings

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