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Control your Music

How do I control my music?

Playback controls on your headphones can be used when listening to wireless music streaming from a Bluetooth-enabled music player that also provides remote control capabilities (AVRCP).

Press¦-;play/pause music
Press and hold ¦-;stop music

Rotate forward and release ¦-;skip to next track
Rotate backward and release ¦-;skip to previous track
Rotate forward and hold ¦-;fast-forward track
Rotate backward and hold ¦-;rewind track

When remote control capabilities are not supported by your music player, the S7-HD simply acts as headphones, and music should be controlled from your music player.

With some music players, previous track must be rotated twice to go back to the previous song. Refer to your music player¦#8217;s manual for specific music control features.

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