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Manage Dual SIMs - Moto G (4th Gen.)

Manage Dual SIMs

With a dual SIM phone, you can insert one or two SIM cards.

When two SIMs are inserted:

  • You see Image at the top of the home screen. 
  • Both SIMs can make and receive calls and text messages.
  • Only the owner of the phone (not additional users or guests) can access dual SIM settings.

Set up SIMs by usage

If you want your phone to walk you through all SIM card selections based on how you plan to use your two SIMs, set up your SIM usage profile.

  1. Go to Settings > SIM cards > Usage profile.
  2. Follow the onscreen instructions.

You can change these settings manually at any time.

Select SIM for calls

Each time you make a call, you can choose which SIM to use. If you don't want to choose each time, you can set a SIM for all outgoing calls, set a SIM for a particular number, or let the phone learn your calling habits to decide for you.

To select a SIM for all outgoing calls:

  1. Go to Settings > SIM cards > Calls.
  2. Touch the SIM to use.

To select a SIM for a specific number:

  1. Dial a number.
  2. When prompted to select a SIM, check Remember SIM for number. Then touch the SIM to use.

    The next time you call that number, the phone uses the selected SIM.

Use automatic SIM selection for calls

If you don't set the phone to make all calls using one SIM, you are prompted to select a SIM each time you make a call. Automatic SIM selection learns your calling patterns to determine the best SIM for an outgoing call.

To turn Automatic SIM selection on or off:

  1. Go to Settings > SIM cards.
  2. Turn Automatic SIM selection on Image or off Image .

Tip: If Automatic SIM selection isn't available, touch Calls > Ask every time.

You can change the SIM any time you make a call. When you dial a number, you'll see the SIM being used; to use a different one, touch Change SIM.

Select SIM for mobile/cellular data

If your phone has two SIMs, cellular data is active on only one SIM at a time. You may have selected which to use during initial phone setup.

To change the SIM for cellular data:

  1. Go to Settings > SIM cards > Cellular data.
  2. Touch the SIM to use.

Tip: For extra security, you can add a SIM lock to control data usage.

Select SIM for text messages

  1. Go to Settings > SIM cards > SMS messages.
  2. Touch the SIM to use.

Prioritise voice or data usage

If you cannot use voice and data at the same time on your carrier's network, set their priority.

  1. Go to Settings > SIM cards > Connection priority.
  2. Choose one:
    • Data: Incoming calls go straight to voicemail if data is in use.
    • Voice: Incoming calls stop data usage, which resumes when the call disconnects.

Change SIM names and colours

When two SIMs are inserted, you'll see them referenced in apps like Contacts, Messenger, and Phone. To tell them apart more easily, change the default names (SIM1/SIM2) to more meaningful names. You can also change SIM icon colour to make them easy to differentiate.

  1. Go to Settings > SIM cards.
  2. Touch the SIM to change.
  3. Change settings as needed:
    • To rename a SIM, touch SIM name, type a new name, then touch OK.
    • To change icon colour, touch SIM colour, touch a colour, then touch OK.

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