Connecting the Moto Hint

How do I connect the Moto Hint?


Insert the headset in your ear and follow voice prompts to connect your phone.


Connect with a second device

  1. Pair each device with the headset as normal. You don't have to turn off the first device to pair with the second one, as long as it's done within five minutes of turning on the headset.
  2. Once paired, to connect with both devices simply turn them on. You'll hear "device (number) connected" as each device connects with your headset.


  • Two phones connected: If you are on a call and you receive a call on the other phone. Touch the headset to switch calls. Touch and hold the headset to return to the original call.
  • Two phones connected, not on a call: Touch the headset to activate voice recognition on the first phone. Touch and hold it to activate voice recognition on the second phone.
  • Voice recognition requires Moto Voice, click here for supported devices.

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