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Insert or remove the SIM card

How do I insert or remove the SIM card?

The Nexus 6 uses a nano SIM card, you cannot use a regular or micro SIM card.

Your nano SIM card should come pre-installed in your device.

If you need to replace your SIM card follow the steps below:



  1. Insert the SIM removal tool on the side of the phone, to pop out the SIM tray
  2. Clip the nano SIM into the tray
  3. Push the tray back into your phone

For most carriers you can simply insert an existing SIM card as long as it is the same size. Sprint has a hard requirement for using a CSIM with this product.  Any other SIM/USIM a customer may have will not work.  A user can get a new SIM card from Sprint if one is needed.

Tip: Please inform the customer they may need to request the card as "the iPhone 6" card. Also please inform the customer, Best Buy or Sprint telesales may attempt to charge the customer. Corporate stores should provide the card free of charge.

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