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Yahoo accounts over WIFI (ATRIX 2)

I'm trying to access my Yahoo email over WiFi on my phone and it's not working, what can I do?

If you have setup your Yahoo account using the Yahoo client  Yahoo Client, and can't access your email over WiFi, we suggest trying the email client found on your device.  To do this please follow these steps:

Note: This will also work while on your ATRIX 2 through the AT&T Wireless network. (Also works for other Yahoo email providers: ATT.net, Bellsouth, pacbell, sbcglobal, swbell)

To setup your Yahoo email:

  1. Open Applications tray, Tap Accounts
  2. Select Add account
  3. Select Email icon  (under "Email" uncheck the box to continue with manual set-up)
    • Uncheck the Automatic configuration
  4. Enter the manual settings as listed below 

Use these settings to manually set up your ATRIX 2 for any Yahoo server email accounts.


Incoming Server: 

IMAP Server

Server:               moto-android.imap.mail.yahoo.com

Port:                   993

Username:       username@yahoo.com

Password:        password

Use secure connection - CHECKED

Verify Certificate – CHECKED

Outgoing Server:

SMTP Server

Server:                moto-android.smtp.mail.yahoo.com

Port:                   465
Username:       username@yahoo.com

Password:        password

Use secure connection - CHECKED

Verify Certificate – CHECKED


Server type:


Incoming Server:

Server:             Imap.mail.yahoo.com

Port                 143

Use secure connection – UNCHECKED

Verifies Certificate – UNCHECKED

Outgoing Server:

Server:             Smtp.mobile.mail.yahoo.com

Port                  587

Use secure connection – UNCHECKED

Verifies Certificate – CHECKED



  • When updating the Use secure connection settings, check the Use secure connection box first and then update the port number if necessary.
  • If unable to connect, send, or receive on Wi-Fi connection, try again via 3G/4G
  • New Yahoo accounts created after August 2010 may not work properly on Wi-Fi. We have been informed that Yahoo has corrected this behavior on their servers as of 9/14 and this issue should no longer occur.



Tip:  In the event you can not sync your Yahoo contacts to your device, you can export them Yahoo to Gmail:

Follow these steps to export contacts from Yahoo to Gmail:

Export Contacts from Yahoo

  1. Using a computer, from your Yahoo! Mail menu, select Options > Mail Options. 
  2. Click the 'Contact or Address Book' category.
  3. Select "Import/Export" under 'Management'.
  4. Look for "Yahoo! CSV" under 'Export' and click Export Now.
  5. Click Save.
  6. Choose the location on your computer where you want to save the "Yahoo.csv" copy of your Yahoo! Mail address book. 

Import Contacts into Google Gmail:

  1. Log on to Gmail on your computer, and then click Contacts at the left of the page
  2. Contacts list opens
  3. Click Import
  4. Click Browse, and then navigate to the .csv file that you created from Yahoo
  5. Select the file, and then click Import
  6. After your contacts are imported, a dialog box appears and displays the total number of contacts imported


Sync Yahoo Contacts CSV file to your phone through Google/Gmail:

  1. Click Here to learn how to sync your Gmail Contacts



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