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Pairing to Additional Devices

Can I pair my S9 with multiple devices?

Yes, your S9 can store pairing information for up to eight different Bluetooth devices. Device IDs are stored in memory. If you try to pair more than eight devices, the oldest paired device is removed from memory.

Note: You will need to restart the S9 and turn off any previously paired devices before pairing a new device.

If connected when turned off, when your S9 is turned on, it automatically connects with the last handsfree device (such as a mobile phone) and the last streaming music source it was connected to.

Tip: You can also reconnect your S9 using the Bluetooth menu on your phone.

To connect your S9 to another device in the paired device list, start the connection by restarting the S9 and the device you want to connect with. The last device connected with your S9 becomes the "last connected" device.

Note: If the S9 has been paired with multiple devices, it may take a few minutes to connect after restarting.

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