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Pair and Connect

How do I connect my headset to my phone or musical device?

If you would like to pair the device to a phone or musical device, follow the steps listed below.


  1. Once charged, get your headphones paired and
    connected to your Bluetooth phone and/or music player.

  2. Turn off any Bluetooth devices previously paired
    (linked) with your headphones.

  3. Turn on the Bluetooth feature on your phone or
    music player.

  4. Turn on your headphones by pressing and holding
    the Ö button until the indicator light turns green.
    The indicator light flashes in red and green to
    indicate the headphones are in discoverable mode.

  5. Set your phone or music player to search for
    Bluetooth devices.

  6. Select Motorola S305 from the search results on
    your phone or music player.

  7. Select OK or Yes to pair your headphones with your
    phone or music player.

  8. If prompted, enter 0000 for the passkey.

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