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H780 Indicator Lights

What do the various lights indicate?

With No Charger Plugged In

 Headset Indicator Headset Status 
 Off  Power off
 Three blue flashes  Powering on/off
 Steady blue  Pairing mode
 Quick blue/purple flashes  Pairing successful
 Quick blue flash  Incoming/outgoing call on primary phone
 Quick purple flash  Incoming/outgoing call on secondary phone
 Slow blue pulse  Connected (on a call)
 Slow blue flash  Standby (phone connected--not on a call)
 Slow green flash  Standby (two phones connected--not on a call)

Note: After 20 minutes on a call or of inactivity, the light stops flashing to conserve power, but the headset remains on.

Note: To disable the indicator light, press and hold both Volume buttons while turnng headset on.


With No Charger Plugged In

 Headset Indicator
 Headset Status
 Red Flash  Idle (not connected to phone)
 Slow purple pulse  Connected call muted
 Quick red flash  Low battery

Tip: Set your primary and secondary phones to different ringtones to know which phone is ringing when wearing the

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