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Moto Actions

What are Moto Actions?

Moto Actions allows you to silence calls and snooze alarms with a wave of your hand.


Tip: Your hand should be approximately 6 in or 15 cm away from your phone.

To adjust Moto Actions settings:

  1. Touch Image
  2. Touch Moto
  3. Touch Image
  4. Touch Actions 
  5. Choose from the following options:
    • Approach for Moto Display -- Wave your hand over your phone to display the time and notifications
    • Chop Twice for Flashlight -- Two karate chops will activate your device's built in flashlight when this Action is active.
    • Lift for Moto Voice -- Want to ask Google a question, but don't want everyone to hear the answer? Enable this for enhanced privacy
    • Twist for Quick Capture -- Two flicks of the wrist will open your camera while keeping the rest of your device locked

  6. Select the desired option to enable and move the toggle to the right, move the toggle to the left to disable.

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