Troubleshooting your H520 / H525

Troubleshooting your H520 / H525

My headset will not enter pairing mode.

  • Make sure that any devices previously paired with the headset are turned off. If the indicator light is not steadily lit in blue, turn off both the other device and headset, wait 10 seconds, then turn headset back on. Wait for the indicator light to become steadily lit in blue, indicating the headset is now in pairing mode.

My phone doesn't find my headset.

  • Make sure the indicator light on your headset is on (lit in blue) and steady when your phone is searching for devices.

My headset worked before but now it's not working.

  • Make sure your phone is on and the Bluetooth feature is turned on in your phone. If the Bluetooth feature was turned off or was turned on only temporarily, you may need to restart the Bluetooth feature and pair your phone and headset again.

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