Installing MotoCast for your MOTOACTV

How do I install MotoCast for my MOTOACTV?

Installing MOTOCAST

1) Using a Motorola-approved USB cable, connect your MOTOACTV to your computer.

2) For PCs, the installer should launch automatically. Click Install MotoCast

3) If it does not launch automatically, locate your MotoCast Installer file and double-click it to launch.

  • For Windows, open My Computer > MotoCast drive > MotoCastSetup.exe.
  • For Mac, open the MotoCast drive on your desktop > Install MotoCast.app.
  • If you are having trouble locating the file, you can also download it from MyMotocast.com

4) Click through the prompts to Install MotoCast

5) Once installation is complete, on your computer, create or sign in with your MotoCast ID. This ID is required to log into MOTOACTV.com.

Click Here for assistance with Creating a MotoCast ID for your MOTOACTV

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