How do I install MotoCast on my computer?

How do I install MotoCast on my computer?

MOTOACTV utilizes MotoCast USB to create a MotoCast ID (required for MOTOACTV.com account), sync your music, setup a Wi-Fi network or update your device software.

To install MotoCast:

1. Connect your device to your computer (PC or Mac) using the provided USB cable.

  • It is recommended that you connect your device directly to your computer, not through a hub or a USB peripheral.
  • The first time you use a USB connection, your computer may tell you it is installing drivers. This may take a few minutes.

2. MotoCast installation should begin automatically.

  • If installation doesn’t automatically begin;

    For Windows, open My Computer > MotoCast drive > MotoCastSetup.exe.

    For Mac, open the MotoCast drive on your desktop > Install MotoCast.app.

    You can also download MotoCast from www.mymotocast.com.

3. Once installation is complete, on your computer, create or sign in with your MotoCast ID. This ID is required to log into MOTOACTV.com.


2. MotoCast will open automatically. Use it to load music onto your device and sync your workouts.


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