How do I play music on my MOTOACTV?

How do I play music on my MOTOACTV?

You can choose to play a song, an FM station or a podcast on you device.

Click here for details on loading music to your device.

  1. On your device, touch the Music screen.
  2. Touch a category: Fitness Music, Playlists, Artists, Songs, Albums, Genres, or Podcasts.
  3. Touch the song or podcast to play it.


While you are listening to a song, you can add it to a playlist, make it a favorite or a power song by flicking to the right.

Playlist - To add a song to your playlist, while you are playing the song, flick to the right and touch add playlist

Power Song - To add a song as a power song, while you are playing the song, flick to the right, and touch the lightning bolt.


A wired headset is required to listen to your favorite FM radio station.


  • To manually select a radio station, touch Listen Now and drag left or right to reach your station.
  • To scan for stations, touch Local Stations
  • To add a favorite, tune to the station, then touch the star to save as a favorite.
  • To stop the radio play, press the Music Key on top of the device

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