Is there a way to extend the battery life on my MOTOACTV?

Is there any way to extend battery life ?

If you would like to try and extend the battery life on your device try the steps below:

1. Check to ensure you have the latest software

From time-to-time, Motorola releases updates to enhance the overall performance of its devices.

When you access your device via MotoCast, it will automatically check if you have the latest software.

You can also manually check for updates in MotoCast by selecting Device > Check for Device Update

Check here for information on the latest software release.

2.  Adjust Screen Timeout 

  1. Touch Settings screen
  2. Touch Display
  3. Touch Screen timeout
  4. Select a lower time interval 

3.  Adjust Timepiece selection (The Heart Rate selection requires additional battery power.)

  1. Touch the main screen (clock screen)
  2. Touch Timepiece
  3. Select a different Timepiece option. 

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