S9 Indicator Lights

What do the flashing lights mean, and can I turn them off?

The indicator light on the S9 provides status information.

With the charger plugged in:



 Red (Steady)Charging in progress (currently less than 25% charged)
 Yellow (Steady)Charging in progress (currently more than 25% charged)
 Green (Steady)Charging complete 

With NO charger plugged in:



 OffPower Off 
 Blue (three flashes)Powering on or Enabling Indicator Light 
 Blue (steady)Pairing Mode
 Blue with 10 quick purple flashesPairing Successful 
 Blue (long flash)Standby (connected but not on a call or streaming music)
 Blue (quick flash)Incoming call 
 Blue (long pulse)On a call 
 Purple (long pulse)On a call (muted) 
 Red (long flash)Idle (not connected) 
 Green (long flash)Playing Streaming Music 
 Red (quick flash)Low Battery 
 Red (three flashes)Powering off or Disabling Indicator Light 

You can disable/enable the indicator light by pressing and holding  button while turning on the S9.
The indicator light will remain disabled for the following states:

  • Idle (not connected to Bluetooth device)
  • Standby (connected but not on a call or streaming music)
  • On a call
  • Playing or pausing music

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