MOTONAV Mobile - Motonav license expired

My Motonav license expired even though I paid for it. How can I enable my premium service again?

Please follow these steps:

1) Locate your activation code that you received after purchasing the license. You would have it in the confirmation email you received, or as part of your profile history in motoextras (www.motorola.com/motoextras/mobile)

2) Connect your phone to the PC in USB mode.
3) Delete the following files from your SD card:
  - From the root directory: device.nng
  - From the Motonav/license directory: device.nng and ACTIVATION_CODES
  - Only the license files shall remain in the license directory (Those files have a file extension .lic)
  - Power cycle the device

4) Restart Motonav and select 'Activate Now' under the 'More' menu

5) Insert your activation code from step 1.

6) Contact Motorola in case you have additional questions.

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