Echo & Static Troubleshooting for Bluetooth Accessories

What should I do if I am experiencing echo or static on my Bluetooth accessory?

Is this also happening while using the phone without the accessory?

If Yes: This may be a phone issue, we recommend trying the accessory on a different phone, or taking your phone to a local service center for evaluation.

If No,

AGENT: Ask & log the following:
  • Is the headset fully charged?
    • Low battery may impact the sound quality of the headset.

      Find out when the consumer last charged their headset, and ask how often they have used the headset since they last charged it.

      Ask the customer if they are using a vehicle or wall charger.  If using a vehicle charger, advise the consumer to charge the headset with a wall charger (not vehicle charger).  This will provide an optimal charge.

    • Charge the headset for approximately 1.5 – 2 hours and see if this makes a difference.

  • How are you wearing the headset?
    • If the headset comes with different ear hooks, try a different size ear hook to see if this is a better fit.
  • Are you using the headset indoor or outdoors
    • Indoors - Other wireless equipment such as wireless internet, cordless phones, or monitors, that operate on the 2.4 Ghz frequency may cause interference, and contribute to poor audio.
    • Outdoor – The Bluetooth signal may be affected by the environmental conditions. Inform the customer the placement of the phone/music device may also be a factor. If the current location does not offer optimal audio experience try changing the position.
  • Where do you have your phone, while using your headset? (example: pocket, purse, briefcase…)

    • The positioning of the phone when the headset is used, may effect the sound quality of the call.
    • The maximum range from the phone to the headset is normally 30 feet. This is a site to site connection; therefore, outdoor & indoor conditions may effect sound quality.
  • Have you tried the headset with another phone?

    • Is there another Bluetooth phone you can try, often this will help determine if it is a “phone” or “headset” issue.
    • If you do not have access to another phone, we recommend going to a local store to try a different phone or headset, to determine if it’s the PHONE or BT headset that needs repair/replacement

If the above does not work try the following troubleshooting steps:


Validate warranty and proceed with creation of an RA


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